Gandytec focuses on developing new, high technology products to meet and exceed our user’s challenging needs. Experienced in the oil and gas industry, Gandytec offers innovative solutions and consulting services such as CRA pipe and plate selection, corrosion and erosion resistant materials, galvanic corrosion protection, and ID and OD surface conditioning for pipe. The highly qualified Gandytec team strives to position customers at the forefront of the industry through increasing production efficiency, limiting costs, and reducing risk.

By choosing Gandytec you can be sure of:

  • High Quality Deliverables
  • Improved Productivity and Performance
  • Meeting Project Deadlines and Expectations
  • Cost Advantage
Also involved in the Oil and Gas industry is our sister company “TorqueLock,” who provide a wide range of design services through a multi-faceted engineering approach. TorqueLock utilizes the latest technologies available with respect to mechanical engineering, software engineering, motion control and automation, as well as key specialties such as testing, automated measurement and implementation of manufacturing, quality control and documentation programs. TorqueLock is an “all in one” development group.

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