The purpose of Duracorr pipe is to maximize production and reduce cost. Its proven long service life prevents the need for frequent change-outs as experienced with carbon pipe; therefore down-time is reduced to a minimum and all associated costs are diminished. By limiting pipe change-outs, Duracorr prevents lost production, increases safety to personnel, and lowers the chance for potential leaks or environmental catastrophes.

Duracorr Pipe Specifications

  • ASTM A1053/A1053-11 Standard Specification for Welded Ferritic-Martensitic Stainless Steel Pipe (manufactured from ASTM A1010 plate)


Oil Sands
  • Slurry Pipe
  • Tailings Pipe
  • Hydro Transportation Pipe
  • Process Water Pipe
  • Hot Water Pipe
  • Decoker Sluice Lines
Oil and Gas
  • C02 Pipe
  • Line Pipe
  • Downhole Oil Country Tubular Goods

Duracorr pipe has been tried, tested, and proven successful in many Canadian Oil Sands applications.

Beginning in 1998, Duracorr has been continually tested and utilized by Oil Sands operating companies in slurry pipelines.


  • Installed in 2003: 24” OD x .375” Duracorr Grade 50 pipe; remains in service.
  • Installed in 2006: 24” OD x .469” Duracorr Grade 50 pipe; remains in service.
  • Installed in 2009: 24” & 28” x .469” Duracorr Grade 50 pipe; remains in service.
  • Pipe spools of various OD sizes (24” – 30”) and wall thicknesses (0.375” – 0.750”) are currently in service throughout various hydro-transport and tailings pipelines in the major Oil Sands companies.

The cost to benefit ratio clearly identifies Duracorr as an economical solution to erosion and corrosion wear.

Duracorr welded pipe products are available in the standard sizes important for the oil and gas industry. We also have the capability to accommodate individual requests.

Duracorr Pipe Specifications:

  • 3” OD through 60” OD
Wall Thicknesses:
  • 0.250” through 0.900”
Pipe Lengths:
  • Duracorr pipes are available in single lengths up to 51 ft. and double jointers up to 80 ft.
Welding Process
  • Submerged Arc Welding

Welding Guidelines (pdf)

Gandytec LLC provides custom Duracorr spool designs tailored to suit specific applications. We provide top quality products in various OD sizes, lengths, wall thicknesses and flange types.

Duracorr spools offer our customers many advantages such as a quick installation, ultrasonic monitoring capability, simple rotational maintenance, and most importantly, a longer life cycle. Another noteworthy advantage of Duracorr is the fact that carbon steel flanges are used as opposed to the more expensive stainless steel flanges.

Duracorr fittings are currently under development. More information will be available soon.