Corrosion and Erosion Resistant

DuracorrĀ® is an economical chromium alloy that has enhanced longevity in corrosive and erosive applications. This wear resistant product is a proven solution for the many harsh oil sands mining and production environments; often replacing both carbon and stainless steel. The specifically designed chemistry of Duracorr,which is an improvement from 3Cr12, offers efficient weldability with exceptional mechanical properties.

Potential Applications

Oil Sands / Oil and Gas / Mining
  • Slurry Pipe
  • Tailings Pipe
  • Hydro Transportation Pipe
  • CO2 Line Pipe
  • Hot Water Pipe
  • Process Water Pipe
  • Decoker Sluice Lines
  • Pump Box Liners
  • Tank Cells
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • Down Hole Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (OCTG & Line Pipe)
  • CHOP (Continuous Heavy Oil Production)